Militaria Medals for collectors

Our selection of the best military medals currently available online.
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A selection of rare military medals and orders for militaria collectors

Military medals and orders are very interesting items for a militaria collection. They are beautiful military collectables, they are small so their collection do not take much spaces, rare medals are gaining value year after year and of course they all tell the story of a special soldier who risked his life during a war. Medal collecting is a very popular passion all around the world. On this page, you will find our selection of rare medals available online. WW2 and WW1 medals but also some rare orders from the Soviet Union, modern US order and some very hard-to-find medals. Of course, we do not display fake or replica medals




Medals and Orders from the Soviet Union

The Soviet Union has produced some very nice medals and orders to celebrate the Revolution, the victory in WW2 and various other missions. Some of these sovietic orders can face a very high demand on the market : for example a Russian Order Mikhail Kutuzov 1st degree will be found around $1200 online. Some other Russian military medals like the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky 2ndclass for example will be more accessible. There are several collectors of the Soviet Red Army medals and orders all around the world. True that they are among the nicest ever-produced orders.

WW2 medals from each army available

The Second World War is of course a key period of our history and has led to the manufacture of several interesting medals that were worn by the various military units and also after the war to celebrate the victory and the soldier merit. On this page, you will find some WW2 German medals like the rare Waffen paramilitar orders. There will also be some WW2 medals and orders from the British army and from the victorious US army. 

Rare WW1 medals for collectors

The 1914-1918 1st World War has been the first major conflict on Earth with soldiers from various nations enduring some terrible times in the famous WW1 trenches in Verdun and other fighting places. You will find on this page some rare WW1 medals like an original German WW1 Iron Cross 1st Class which will be found around $500 on the market. You will find more accessible military medals like a WW1 British Army Meritorious and Long Service Good Conduct Medal. Of course, we have a special selection of US military medals including the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH). 

Where to find Military Medals ?

On this page, you will find rare military medals, awards and decorations which are available online. Just click on the medal you like and will automatically redirect you towards a secured website where you can easily get it. If you have any questions about a military medal seller or a specific medal, please send us an email and we will be happy to help you.