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Collecting Chinese Militaria

Chinese military artifacts are amongst the most popular for collectors. WW2 swords and bayonets, modern Chinese medals and orders, you will find on this page items from the Opium Wars, from WW2 and from modern Chinese army. China with its millenary History has known many wars, many armies, and its militaria variety is among the most diverse in the world. Very popular among Asian and Western militaria collectors, there are more and more Chinese militaria forums online.



Chinese Nationalist Army militaria for collectors

Militaria items from the Kuomintang army (KMT) are very sought-after by Chinese collectors, as all Kuomintang items have been forbidden by the Communist Party in mainland China. Collectors from the Chinese diaspora in the USA or in Europe, militaria collectors from Taiwan and some bold collectors from PR China are collecting artifacts from the Chinese Nationalist Army. You will find on this page, a rare Original WW2 Chinese Nationalist Air Force dagger with scabbard, but also a rarely offered antique Chinese Nationalist Army Officer's sword. 

Chinese militaria from the Opium Wars

The Opium Wars between Britain, France and China were a famous period of the Chinese history. They are hard-to-find but there are several very nice militaria items from the Chinese Opium Wars that can be collected. For example, we will display on that page a rare 1860 British 2nd China Opium War silver medal. We also have some Boxer rebellion militaria like a nice Boxer Rebellion era double-dao sword. So you will find here Chinese militaria from the Opium Wars but also some militaria items from the colonial armies installed in China (Britain, France...). 

China People's Liberation Army militaria available

We offer on this page several militaria items from the current China People's Liberation army. From authentic medals from the civil war with the Kuomintang to modern badges and Chinese military uniforms. Let's give you some examples, we have displayed here a nice Chinese Navy Nuclear Submarine arm badge patch for only $20 and a rare People's Army Air Force Pilot 3rd Class Wings Badge for $50. And some harder-to-find items like a Chinese C96 Mauser Broomhandle Pistol holster. ​​​

Finding some Chinese militaria here

Have a look to our selection of rare Chinese militaria. Click on the item you like and we will automatically redirect you towards a secured website where you could purchase it online. If you have any question about a Chinese militaria supplier, you can ask on a Chinese militaria forum or send us an email, we will be happy to help you.