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Collecting militaria, and especially daggers

Several militaria collectors or History fans are fascinated by daggers. It is true that daggers are special weapons, they illustrate the violence of hand-to-hand combat and they were very much used during WW2. German daggers, Japanese daggers and US ones are the most sought-after military daggers.  



Rare daggers are offered on Militaria-Deal

On Militaria-Deal, we focus on the most interesting military items, the historic ones, the beautiful ones, the rare ones ! Let's give you some examples : you could find here an Antique WWI English Welsh Dagger or a Vintage German WW2 Eickhorn Solingen Dagger and if you are lucky an original WW2 German NSFK DLV Flyer's Dress Dagger. Our selection of rare daggers is daily updated, add this page to your favorites.

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Nothing easier, just click on the dagger or knife that you like, you will be automatically redirected towards a merchant site where you will be able to get it. We select military artifacts from the best militaria providers online. You can check their reviews online from previous customers.   

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You are looking for a rare NPEA dagger from WW2 and you can't find it here ? Our selection is updated everyday, add this page to your favorites and check it from time to time. You can also send us an email and we will help you find it online. We are working with hundreds of militaria collectors including some Museums.