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A selection of rare Soviet militaria collectibles

Our team daily selects the rarest Soviet militaria online. On this page you will find several WW2 Russian militaria artifacts like a Sniper Scope PU 91/30 SVT-40 Original SOVIET Russian Mosin-Nagant or a WWII Russian Soviet "SVT-40" bayonet. with scabbard. We are also selecting the most interesting Soviet badge and orders like the famous Order of Lenin or the Soviet Order of the Red Banner. We also have several WW1 Russian Militaria collectables, even if these items are harder to find. 



See our Imperial Russian Militaria items for collectors.

Many militaria collectors are very interested in Imperial Russian militaria items or Russian Civil War militaria, so we look thoroughly to find these items available online. You will find on this page an Authentic Antique Imperial Russian Military Sword Saber Model 1881 or an Imperial belt buckle from Russia. You would also find here a Russian Tsar Imperial award cross Nicholas II. Petrograd, 1915, in bronze. 

What is the value of Russian militaria ?

Well the worth is not an easy question as it depends of many factors : rarity, popularity, historic items... To give you some precise examples, you could see here a Soviet USSR Order Nakhimov for $600 or a Georgian Dagger Sword Shashka Shamshir KKV for $500. If you look for more common items, go to the bottom of our selection or click on "Next page" to see some more classic Russian militaria like a WW2 Order of Red Banner of Labor for $30. 

How to find Russian militaria here ?

Just click on the item you like and we will automatically redirect you towards the merchant site where you can get it. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our selection is daily updated, so come and visit us regularly if you are a militaria collector.