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Making a collection of Italian Militaria.

Italian militaria is very popular among militaria collectors for the beauty, the rarity and the historic importance of some military objects. From the Roman Empire, WW1 to WW2, Italy has played a key role in many major conflicts and wars. You will find on this page a large selection of Italian war front militaria from various centuries. We select the rarest Italian militaria collectibles from serious Italian militaria providers.



Is WW2 Italian militaria legal ?

WW2 Italian militaria items are regularly available online. In most countries, they are fully legal as they are seen as historical objects which are very interesting to study to better understand that key moment of our History, the propaganda and so on. In few other countries, some items are seen as political objects and their trade can be forbidden, so check your local legislation. People collect Italian militaria for various reasons. Some want to find the helmet of their grandfather on the Italian front. 

WW2 Italian Militaria

What is the value of Italian War Front Militaria ?

It all depends of the item, its rarity, its beauty and its symbolic meanings. For example, a M-1 Carbine Stock & Hand guard Italian Military will be found above $150, an authentic WW2 Italian M1938 Carcano bayonet will be more about $60 and an original WWII Italian National party badge would be around $20. Scroll down to the bottom of our selection to find more common Italian militaria for sale. 

How to find Italian military collectibles here ?

Just click on the item you like and we will automatically redirect you towards a secured site where you can get the item. It is as simple as that ! If you have any questions or you are looking for a special item, feel free to send us an email. 


Salutiamo anche tutti i collezionisti Italiani di militaria italiana, della seconda guerra mondiale, della prima guerra mondiale ma anche del esercito italiano attuale.