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Our selection of Japanese militaria collectables currently available online.
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Collecting Japanese militaria

Japanese military items are very popular among militaria collectors for their beauty and uniqueness. WW2 Japanese swords, NCO swords, helmets, bayonets, uniforms, imperial flags can reach a very high value. On this page, you will find our selection of the best japanese militaria items available online. Most of them are Japanese military artifacts from the WW2 and the Imperial Japan. 




A selection of Japanese officer swords

Our team has selected several WW2 Japanese officer swords available online but also other types of Japanese swords. Some of them have served during the World War 2 in the Philippines, in Japan and in all the South-East Asia. These officer swords are splendid pieces of History and are very nice addition to any militaria collection.

Japanese officer sword

A large assortment of Samurai swords

Samurai swords are very popular among Japanese militaria collectors but also to decorate an apartment with taste. You may not know all the Japanese sword names, but on this page, you can find an old Japanese Samurai Tanto sword, you may also see a wonderful Samurai KAI-GUNTO KOSHIRAE sword katana. We also select some very interesting, especially if you are a collector, NCO shin-gunto samurai swords. 

Gunto military swords for collectors

Gunto are Japanese swords created since the beginning of the 20th century. This sword, as large as a Wakisashi, were produced in large numbers. They were used only by military because a Japanese law in 1876 forbade the usage of swords to civilians, it is after that law that samurai joined the army. During WW1 and WW2, most japanese militaries wore a gunto with which they were forced to fight even if the enemies were more numerous. The famous kamikaze pilots were flying with a gunto on board even during their last suicide mission. You can find several authentic gunto swords here. Some WW2 Japanese swords have been used to commit the famous seppuku: the equivalent of hara-kiri suicide for Japanese soldiers. 

How much does a Japanese sword worth ?

It depends of the rarity, the history and the quality of the sword. A Japanese Officer NCO Sword can easily be found above $2000. The value of a Japanese Samurai Tanto sword with a signed blade should reach $500, depending of its condition. When several collectors are interested by the same sword, the final value can skyrocket online. 

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