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Collecting Civil War Militaria

Civil War militaria artifacts are very popular among American collectors as the Civil War is a key period of the US History. All across the States, there are several Civil War militaria shows where people can get and offer some artefacts and wear some Civil War uniforms. Some fairs are now famous like the Autumn Gettysburg Civil War & Militaria Show. We highly recommend you to attend it if you can. On this page, you will find the rarest Civil War militaria artefacts available online. Our selection includes Confederate cavalry swords, medals, Union flags, war drums, buttons, jackets and many other militaria collectibles. Our Civil War catalogue is updated every day, so check this page from time to time to find the item that is missing in your collection. 




What is the value  of a scarce Civil War item ?

Well it all depends of its rarity and of the offer/demand law. But we can give you some examples. A Civil War Sword Model 1860 Dated 1863 Ames Cavalry has been found for $700 and a lot of 6 Rare South Carolina Civil War 7/8" Buttons Scovills & Co RMDC 2 Dots Antique has been offered for $500. 

How to find US Civil War military items here ?

It is very easy. Just have a look to our selection, click on the item you like and we will redirect you towards the merchant site where you can find it. We hope you will find here some interesting Civil War collectibles to add to your collection.