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A selection of rare WW1 militaria for hobbyists

WW1 Militaria artifacts are very popular among collectors. The Great War, by its historical importance and its cruelty, still impresses all of us today. WW1 militaria items are very interesting to study as they cover various armies from all over the world and are the first examples of modern weapons and military accessories. On this page, you will find a selection of authentic WWI militaria. Our team selects the best WW1 militaria items for collectors. You are looking for a WW1 British helmet ? You are a collector of WW1 Russian militaria ? Or you are a specialist of WW1 Turkish militaria and you are looking for a rare medal that you are missing ? Well, this page is made for you. We also have a nice selection of ww1 bayonets and daggers. We choose the rarest military items from the Great War. 



WWI militaria from all countries

We select items from the various armies involved in World War I. You are looking for ww1 canadian militaria, or you are a fan of all ww1 French militaria used in the trenches ? You will find all the collectibles you need on this page. We source them from various WW1 militaria suppliers online. If you are looking for a specific item that you don't find here, please send us an email or have a look on Zib Militaria WW1.

What is the worth of WW1 military artefacts ?

Value is depending of various factors like rarity, demand, historic importance, symbolic importance and so on. You can get some WW1 militaria without spending too much and some by selling your car, depending of what you are looking for. To be more precise, a WWI US 1905 Springfield Armory Bayonet will be found around $300 and an authentic WWI German M16 Steel Combat Helmet around $250. For more common militaria items, see the bottom of our selection and click on "Next page", you will find there plenty of items around $20.  

How to find WWI militaria here ?

Just click on the item you like, and we will automatically redirect you towards the merchant site where you can get it. You may have to create an account there if you don't already have one. We only source our selection from serious marketplaces and trustworthy militaria dealers