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A selection of rare uniforms for militaria collectors

Militaria collectors have always loved military uniforms. Uniforms are very interesting to study and collect. On this page, you will find authentic WW2 German uniforms, US navy uniforms and  many other rare uniforms including Civil War uniforms. We select them from famous militaria online suppliers. If you have any questions about a specific military uniform, please send us an email. We would be happy to help. 



German uniforms from WW2 and WW1

Germany has been a major actor of the 2 World Wars and old German uniforms are very much sough-after. On this page you will find WWII German Youth Flight Uniform, uniforms from the various German military branches, WW1 German uniforms. Have also a look at our page dedicated to German militaria if you are interested by various items from the German army. German militaria collecting is a very interesting passion.

US army uniforms : Marine, US Navy, Air Force

Another key player of the great wars are of course the USA. On this page, you will find a selection of authentic US uniforms available on line. You are looking for a vintage WW2 US Navy Deck Jacket, a WW2 US Army Nurse Corps Woman uniform, US Marine Uniform from the Vietnam War ? Well, you are on the right page to find it ! We daily selects the best US uniforms available online. Our page is visited by 500 collectors of US militaria everyday ! 

What is the value of an authentic military uniforms ?

The worth of a militaria uniform depends of its rarity in collection. Of course an authentic WW1 British uniforms who served in the trench in Verdun will have a high value. Same for an old Confederate Uniforms. To give you some precise examples, a rare 1800's -Indian Wars Vintage US Army Victorian Military Uniform will be found around $800. A Scottish Serge Frock 1912 Gordon will be around $400. And an authentic German uniform from WW2 will be around $1000. Of course, it also depends of the condition of the uniform, of its history and if he has been certified by a militaria expert or not.