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Collecting military patches

Military patch collecting is very popular among militaria collectors. Military patches are very interesting to collect for their variety, beauty, value and they take few place in comparison with some other militaria items. Some rare military patches can reach a rather high value, but nothing in comparison with military medals. The most sought-after military patches are the patches from WW1 and WW2. Patches from the US Army, including the Special Forces, are also very popular. 

What is the value of a military patch ?

As said, some military patches are sought-after many militaria collectors and have a high value on the market. For example, a US Air Force squadron patch 32nd FIS Fighter Interceptor Squadron will be found here above $100 and a CJSOTF Special Forces Afghanistan Patch will be around $90. For more common patches, have a look to the bottom of our military patch selection. The patches from the US Army tend to reach a higher value than those of other armies. 

How to find a military patch here ?

It is very easy : just click on the military patch that you like and we will automatically redirect you towards the website where you can get it. You will be able to see more pictures of it and a complete description of each military patch. If you have any question about militaria patches, feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help.