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Collecting Canadian militaria

There are many Canadian Militaria collectors who are looking for the best militaria items from the Canadian army. Canada has been a major actor of WW1 and WW2, and has also participated to more recent wars across the globe. On this page, you will find our selection of the rarest Canadian Militaria items available online from various famous Canadian militaria dealers.



The most sought-after Canadian Military items

What are the best Canadian militaria artefacts ? Not an easy question, but you will find on this page some rare WW1 Canadian uniforms or WW1 medals and orders. From time to time, we propose WW2 Canadian Mark III Tortoise Helmets or WWI Canadian Victory & War Medal. 

What is the value of Canadian Militaria items ?

Well it depends ! You will easily find some common WW2 medals for less than $20, same for WW1 Cap badges or buttons. But for rare items like a Canadian Brodie Military Helmet, the worth will be around $200. 

WW2 Canada Memorabilia available

WW2 Memorabilia is very popular in Canada. People like finding WW2 Canadian militaria to remember the great battles of WW2, to think about a grand-father or a father who served in the field in Omaha beach or other places in Normandy. Canadian soldiers have been key elements during the reconquest of Europe by allied armies in 1945.

How to find Canadian Militaria here ?

Nothing easier : just click on the militaria item you like, we will automatically redirect you towards the website where you can get it. If you don't find in our selection what you were looking for, just send us an email and we will try and help you. Have also a look in the Canadian Militaria Preservation Society website, they have a lot of great Canadian Militaria.